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October 2022 Pet of the Month!!

At Springs Family Veterinary Hospital, we celebrate our wonderful patients by hosting a random monthly drawing of one lucky pet. Winners are featured on here and on our Facebook page.

 Congratulations Rory! 
Our October 2022 Pet of the Month!

Rory is 9 years old and was rescued from Tennessee as a puppy with her sister, Alice. The shelter thought she was a beagle chihuahua, but she grew up into an adorable black lab mix! She loves belly rubs and back scratches, squeaky toys and warm blankets,  doing tricks for her grandma, and following her owners from room to room. Rory is always ready to remind her mom when it’s time for her dentastix, refuses to believe she is not a lap dog, and thinks every pillow is her pillow.  Her family is so grateful to have both this sweet little girl and her equally lovable sister Alice in their lives!

Thank you for entering Rory in our Pet of the Month contest!

Previous Pets of the Month~

Our August 2022 Pet of the Month: Winston

Winston sure is a special little guy! He was adopted through National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network at 8 months old after being found abandoned, wandering about in Southern Indiana. His mom held him for the 8 hour drive to his forever home so he’s quite bonded to her. He is a little shadow and always seems to have at least one eye on you at all times. He is the sweetest little guy who loves love, cuddles, treats, and belly rubs. His favorite activities are running through the garden and doing his job flushing out bunnies, getting the occasional zoomies with his brother Henry, and sunbathing! He loves the sun and his outside time. He has the sweetest temperament and just wants to be close and feel the love every dog should have. Winston's family is so happy that they found him and can give him his forever home and best life ever!

Our July 2022 Pet of the Month: Peanut

Ten year old Peanut was rescued nine years ago to be a companion to his owner's other dog, a Pomeranian named Bandit, and they've been the best of friends ever since! Peanut's mom says everything she has heard about rescue is true: Peanut is very affectionate, loves people, kids, and other animals! He is just the very best dog. Peanut loves preforming tricks and is eager to learn new ones. He loves car rides and has traveled from Indiana to New York many times. He also likes to cuddle on the couch. Peanut loves snacks! Anytime he hears the refrigerator door open, he is right there to see if he will get a treat. Peanut is very excited to be our July Pet of the Month!!

Our June 2022 Pet of the Month: Gus

Our May 2022 Pet of the Month: Tess

Thankfully, Tess was rescued from a terrible situation when she was only 12 weeks old. Born on Christmas Day, her owner says Tess was truly a gift and the light of her life! She started out with a big name: Princess Tia Maria Penelope Grace, but now she's just called Tess. Tess is truly a lucky and very loved dog and is living a great life! She loves to go to playgroup with her doggie friends, loves kids, and when her mom gets home from work they play one of her favorite games: hide and go seek! Tess thinks dog beds are huge stuffed animals, so she gets new ones often. She's so smart; she learned to drop her ball to the song "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dog when she was just a pup!

Our April 2022 Pet of the Month: Dozer

My name is Dozer, but people in my family like to call me Dozie Do! I just turned 2 years old and am very spoiled. My favorite things are going out to our camp and riding on my parents' ATV, playing with other dogs, and barking at squirrels! We went on a cross country trip to Washington in our RV this past summer and I had the time of my life!! I love going to Springs Family Vet and getting treats and all the attention from all the awesome friendly staff!

Our March 2022 Pet of the Month: Grady!

Grady is a southern gentleman, rescued from Tennessee in 2008 and adopted from the SPCA in Queensbury at 8 weeks of age. Not much was known about Grady's past, but his mom and dad describe him now as the most incredible dog they've ever known! They say he is pure love, always eager to show love and affection. Grady's favorite things are fetch and long walks. He has an older brother named Teddy and loves his family very much!

Our February 2022 Pet of the Month: Strudel!

Hi There! My name is Strudel, and I was adopted a little over three weeks ago.  I spent my first 6 months living outside with my mom and siblings, so I’m really happy to have a warm house full of toys and soft sleeping spots. I have a new big brother named Disco and I like to copy everything he does. My hobbies include hiding things under chairs, napping in the closet, and trying to figure out what’s outside every single window. While I’ve only been here a short while, I already have a bunch of nicknames: Sir Strudelton the Third, Strudel the Noodle, and Strudelberg to name a few. 2022 has been quite a whirlwind so far.  Just after New Years, I was taken to a doctor who removed my 'trouble nuggets'. Four days later I met a new mommy and moved to her house.  And NOW I’m Pet of the Month at my new doctor’s office! It's been a lot of change, but I'm taking it in stride. Life is pretty great!

Our January 2022 Pet of the Month: Maggie Mae!

Hi, my name is Maggie Mae. My humans named me after the Chris Stapleton song called “Maggie’s Song.” It’s a lot to live up to, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m a Vizsla puppy from a wonderful farm in Pennsylvania and I was the runt of the litter. I had six sisters and one brother and was very lucky to have one of my sisters, Lucy, come home with me. We are joined at the hip and like to drive our humans crazy. My canine parents, Rubee and Tucker, are the best, but couldn’t keep me. I will love them forever, along with my humans! I enjoy playing, snuggling and sleeping. I also like being outside, but I need clothes to keep me warm. Thankfully my mom loves to buy me super cute clothes, so I can be stylish while I have fun. I am very grateful that my humans found Springs Family Vet. Everyone is super awesome because they truly care about all animals and they give us yummy treats!!! Thank you for selecting me as pet of the month!! 

Our December 2021 Pet of the Month: Ruby!

Ruby is a 6yo Chihuahua mix. I met Ruby in 2017 as her dog walker, which over a short period of time her previous owner traveled a lot for work. Ruby didn’t like dogs or cats back then, but has come a long way! So proud of her! She loves her long walks, car rides, visiting the bank, etc, cookies, cuddling and burroughing under the covers with me at bedtime. She is a loyal girl! The smallest retriever you’ll ever meet, she loves her tennis balls! A huge thank you to Dr. Ryan and the entire staff for all the excellent care you all provide!❤️

Our November 2021 Pet of the Month: Annabelle!

Annabelle is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu/Maltese who lives in Saratoga Springs! Her favorite things are: people, treats and cuddling. She enjoys sitting in the sun, being held and being the center of attention. She is extremely sweet and gentle. When she needs to go out or when she wants something, she will not bark ...instead she sneezes. (Her sneezes will get progressively louder as she waits patiently.) Annabelle enjoys walking around the neighborhood and downtown Saratoga Springs in her fuchsia halter and floral collar. We adore Annabelle, and she loves being adored. 

Our October 2021 Pet of the Month: Beau!

Beau is a 1.5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. He’s the sweetest and most gentle dog! He loves running around in the woods, playing soccer with Mom and sleeping in the middle of the bed. 

 Our September 2021 Pet of the Month: Silo!

Hi everyone, my name is Silo! I’m 16 years old, and a Gemini. I was born on a dairy farm and was named by my family in honor of my heritage. I enjoy being king of the castle, and eating is my favorite pastime (though I manage to keep my figure). I also love relaxing in my Mama’s garden, especially with the catnip plants. It was an honor being your pet of the month!

 Our March 2020 Pet of the Month: Annabelle!

Annabelle is an English Cream Golden Retriever and is almost four years old. She loves spending time with her uncle and her sister Sammie. She enjoys being outdoors and taking long walks. If she isn't outside, she likes looking out into the neighborhood through the front door and barking hello to those who walk by. She always wants to have a minimum of two toys in her mouth when she greets someone. She's a special girl!

Our February 2020 Pet of the Month: Chunk Snorris!

Ciao Everyone!! My name is Chunk and I am from Italy. My parents rescued me. I will be 6 years old this month. I love to take long naps on my cat tower in the sun and bird watch. I love to tease my little puppy brother Jäger. My favorite treats are chicken! And most of all, I love my family. I’m the coolest cat around! Most people know me for my chill personality. I love to cuddle and meet new people! Thanks for the honor of pet of the month! Arrivederci!

Our January 2020 Pet of the Month: Meatu!

Meatu is short for Meatloaf because she is a bit like one, being so spoiled with treats on a daily basis. She came to us through a wonderful organization called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. She was found severely abused with many bb pellets in her and had two shattered hind legs that required many surgeries. Her legs eventually healed, although somewhat malformed, but despite this has no problem keeping up with our three other dogs running around and digging holes in the yard. She is definitely the boss of the house and loves to snuggle on the couch or in bed where she is served breakfast every morning. She also loves to put on her leather KISS jacket and go for rides in the truck. Although she is the smallest of our brood, she bosses all of the other dogs around and has a very big personality.

Our December 2019 Pet of the Month: Gunther!

Hello Friends! I’m an 8-year-old chocolate lab. My life changed for the better about two years ago when I was adopted by a loving family. My name was changed from Gunner to Gunther and this never really bothered me. I became a “little brother” to Lucky, also a chocolate lab and a year older. Quickly we became great friends. When I wasn’t feeling well; not drinking and eating, my mom and dad took me to see Dr Ryan. She helped me to feel better. Whenever I go for an office visit, I always feel comfortable, everyone is so nice. I’m not even afraid to get a vaccine!
Love, Gunther 

Our November 2019 Pet of the Month: Ruby Mae!

Wow, I'm the Pet of the Month! My name is Ruby Mae Federico and I just moved from Virginia to New York last month. I had a rough go down there but now I'm with my mom and dad and my older sister, Melina Rose. I LOVE going for walks and have a fenced in yard so I can go sniff all the other animals that come around at night. Since we are in the country this is kinda exciting. I think I hit the jackpot with my new family because I am so loved!

Our October 2019 Pet of the Month: Bruno Macaroneas!

This handsome guy is fearless! He looks up to his two sisters...who are cats...and likes to do the things they do. But Bruno's most favorite activities are running the puppy 5 thousand and playing with his frog and spider toys. Bruno's mom says he'll be a great agility dog someday. He might be a great therapy dog, too, because he loves  people!!

Our September 2019 Pet of the Month: Kona!

Kona is a 3 year old Alabama Rescue. Her incredible ears are always an attention-getter! Kona is full of personality and keeps her Dad on his toes. She thinks he is running a restaurant, and eating the same food everyday is definitely not for her! Her happy-go-lucky disposition gets her into all kinds of mischief...walking and running around town with her best friend David by her side!

Our August 2019 Pet of the Month: Buddy!

Buddy is a true gentleman. He's also a working dog! Buddy is on watch at night while his owners sleep, one eye open! Since he works the graveyard shift, Buddy sleeps during the day. He loves a great home cooked meal and his favorite snack is carrots. Many thanks to Buddy's mom and dad for entering him in our contest!