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Sara Ryan, Veterinarian - Springs Family Veterinary Hospital - Saratoga Springs, NY

Sara Ryan, Veterinarian  


Dr. Ryan grew up in Charlton, New York where she was fortunate to be surrounded by nature, wildlife and her many family pets. These early experiences instilled deep love and compassion for the welfare of animals, qualities that led her naturally into the field of veterinary medicine. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics from the University of Rochester and a veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ryan practiced in central New Jersey before moving back ‘home’ in 2007, gaining extensive experience in both veterinary primary care and emergency. Her warm and personal way of relating to both clients and patients is foundational in the establishment of Springs Family Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Ryan earned her Fear Free certification in 2018 and is currently working toward Fear Free practice certification. She shares her happy home in Wilton with her husband, Dave, three daughters, Caroline, Nora, and Evelyn, and a spunky black Labrador puppy named Otis. 



Amy Bergin, Veterinarian - Springs Family Veterinary Hospital - Saratoga Springs, NY

Amy Bergin, Veterinarian


Dr. Bergin knew she was destined for veterinary medicine when her first puppy, a beagle named Nittany, became very ill. It was then she realized she wanted to heal animals and teach their owners how to keep them healthy for a lifetime. Those who know Dr. Bergin know she is an intuitive healer and teacher! Dr. Bergin earned a BS in biology from Cornell University and an MS in Entomology from Penn State before completing her degree in veterinary medicine at Cornell in 2002. She began her career at a small animal practice in Rochester, returning to her native Saratoga in 2006. Dr. Bergin says she's ecstatic to be joining a Fear Free practice as a newly Fear Free certified practitioner, as she has always attempted to gauge and minimize fear, anxiety and stress for her patients. Her special interests include small animal behavior, internal medicine, dermatology, and geriatric medicine. When not at work, Dr. Bergin cherishes time with her husband Sean, daughters Laken and Ashlyn, a beagle named Nani and a cat named Figaro!

Chelsea Koslow, Practice Manager - Springs Family Veterinary Hospital - Saratoga Springs, NY

Chelsea Koslow, Practice Manager


Chelsea has worked in the veterinary field in both client service and management roles for over 20 years. She has a background as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), an Associates degree in Human Services, and a four-year diploma in Advanced Canine Behavioral Sciences. Chelsea takes pride in all aspects of her job, but especially enjoys helping clients feel welcome and ensuring the comfort of our patients. Chelsea's passion is preservation of the human-dog bond through effective interspecies communication and the prevention of behavior problems. She has a special place in her heart for older, unwanted rescue animals and is a volunteer for Green Mountain Pug Rescue. Chelsea is a Fear Free Certified Professional. 


Suzie Civitello, Licensed Veterinary Technician - Springs Family Veterinary Hospital - Saratoga Springs, NY

Suzie Civitello, Licensed Veterinary Technician


Suzie has long had a passion for helping animals when they are need, and if her patients could talk they'd rave about her ability to provide them with loving TLC! Suzie started in the veterinary field in 2005 and worked in a primary care setting for two years before moving onto emergency care, where she gained nine years of critical care experience. For Suzie, the best part of her job is assisting in surgery and radiology, where she is committed to the safety and comfort of her patients. Suzie graduated from SUNY Canton in 2005 with an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology and is a Fear Free Certified Professional. She is the best friend of the most perfect puppy ever, a collie named Maximus.



Heather Fitzgerald, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Heather has always had a strong interest in medicine, so she combined her love of animals and landed in the veterinary field! In 2018, Heather earned her degree in Veterinary Technology after graduating from SUNY Canton. She also earned an elite status in Fear Free certification. Heather loves Fear Free and says she's seen its way of practice prove itself over and over again. Her other primary interest is animal nutrition. Heather feels that the best part of her job is making and helping new fur-friends. She shares her home with two very loved cats: the very talented two year old Freddie (he can sit and spin on cue and will do anything for cheese!), and 11 year old Tips, who is the queen of the house and sleeps in a crown-shaped bed!

Breanna Miller, Veterinary Assistant - Springs Family Veterinary Hospital - Saratoga Springs, NY

Breanna Miller, Veterinary Assistant


Breanna joined the Springs Family Vet team in August of 2020, after working in doggie daycare and veterinary settings, as well as a behavior intern, for the two years prior. Breanna's calm demeanor, behavior knowledge, and advanced handling skills are a tremendous asset to our patients and our hospital's Fear Free mission. She has a Bachelor of Science degree and plans to continue her education, as well as expand her knowledge of veterinary medicine. Breanna enjoys building bonds with her patients and working with a team to make each patient's visit the very best it can be. When not working she's likely out hiking in the great outdoors with her adorable mini-dachshund, Oliver. Breanna is a Fear Free Certified Professional.


Abby Clickner, Veterinary Assistant


Abby joined our team with five years of professional animal care experience in the veterinary, kennel, and doggy daycare fields. She is known for her patient, gentle, and compassionate spirit, as well as her excellent handling skills. Abby loves to connect with pets and make breakthroughs when they are scared or anxious. She says it's a great feeling to make a difference for the pet, as well as help the owner understand their own pet's language. Abby enjoys learning new things and is looking forward to her Fear Free training. She shares her home with two beautiful Irish Setters named Ivy and Rolan, and a sweet, shy domestic shorthaired cat named Willow. 

Katy Mallinger, Veterinary Assistant


Katy grew up on a Texas ranch, surrounded by all kinds of animals, so it's only natural that she'd choose a career helping them! She joins our team with over five years of professional behavior and handling experience and is a huge Fear Free advocate. Katy believes the best thing about working with animals is the positive impact she can make on their lives. She says there is no better feeling than knowing that our patients have benefited from her care. She's excited to be learning about veterinary medicine and is hoping to eventually earn a license in veterinary technology. Katy is a dogmom to two beautiful furkids: a Labrador Retriever named Ginger and a Catahoula Leopard dog named Sage!


Erin Laframboise, Veterinary Assistant


Erin grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont where she was exposed to many different animals. Her animal care experience is extensive: she has assisted in medical treatments of large animals, volunteered with shelter pets, worked in small animal veterinary, daycare, and training! Erin is a passionate advocate for the protection and care of all animals. She believes that the veterinary field is an avenue in which pets can be given the care and voice they deserve, through educating pet parents and helping to foster long-lasting bonds between owner and pet. Erin is currently pursuing a veterinary technician license and is excited about becoming Fear Free certified. She says that a trip to the vet shouldn't be a terrifying experience, and Fear Free makes it more of a trip to see friends! Erin's beloved pets are a Great Dane named Vader, an American Pocket Bulldog named Turtle, and a cat named Clyde!

Stacey Martina, Veterinary Assistant - Springs Family Veterinary Hospital - Saratoga Springs, NY

Stacey Martina, Veterinary Assistant


Stacey joined our team as a per diem employee in early 2020, bringing us her love of veterinary medicine and awesome technical skills! She studied at SUNY Delhi for veterinary technology and earned a BS in biology from SUNY Brockport. Stacey is well known for easily bonding with animals wherever she goes. Her ability to recognize the importance of relationship between pets and humans is a huge part of practicing Fear Free. She shares her home with five amazing furkids, including two border collies who keep her very busy!