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Fear Free is a nationally recognized professional certification program that aims to "Take the 'pet' out of petrified." We all know pets that are afraid of visiting a veterinary hospital or who become anxious when receiving medical care. Imagine your pet enjoying his or her doctor visits! Fear Free protocols are designed to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets, resulting in happier, healthier pets, and satisfied owners!

Dr. Sara Ryan is a certified Fear Free practitioner, and our staff is either certified or in the process of becoming certified. As a team, we are dedicated to using Fear Free protocols during all interactions with our patients. These include but are not limited to:

  • recognizing signs of fear, anxiety or stress before they escalate
  • using calm voices and non-threatening body language
  • offering your pet's preferred treats during exams and treatments 
  • examining your pet where he or she is most comfortable
  • using pheromones for a calming effect

Fear Free actually starts when the appointment is scheduled, when we address any travel concerns you may have and offer suggestions to set your pet up for success. (Please see the "Preparing For Your Visit" link on our website for more information.) When you arrive with your pet, we will do our best to bring you to an exam room quickly. Cats will receive a pheromone infused towel to help them transition to being at the hospital.

Throughout the appointment, our staff will be continually assessing your pet. If we notice an increase in anxiety we may recommend a calming medication. We will never use force or aversive techniques with your pet. Your pet will always be handled with the utmost respect and compassionate care.

For more information on Fear Free, please visit their website at www.fearfreepets.com